NRAC 244 Project

WCMS/CHIA Development Project

Project Summary

The Watershed Characterization and Modeling System (WCMS) Extension Version for ArcGIS was developed to bring spatial data and water quality modeling to the desktop of West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) personnel. The current version of WCMS provides watershed and water quality modeling components for meeting common WVDEP tasks. WCMS combines a wide variety of spatial data layers with hydrological and water quality modeling concepts to aid in decision making and management of water resources. Running within ESRI ArcGIS 9 (specifically ArcMap with the Spatial Analyst Extension), WCMS provides desktop mapping and analysis capabilities for the entire state of West Virginia . In this version of WCMS we built upon the older WCMS functionality from versions 2.8, 2.9, 8.0, and 9.x. The WCMS extension allows users to perform analysis and display of GIS data statewide (and potentially for other out-of-state locations).

The WCMS has been an effective integration tool for both state agencies and watershed groups in West Virginia . The system continues to evolve as additional capabilities are developed, refined, and improved. One of the primary, but unintended, outcomes of the use of this approach has been support for additional data development. This support has emerged as the necessity of additional data becomes apparent to watershed groups, natural resource agencies, and policymakers through a practical approach to water quality issues.

Watershed and Stream Modeling Functions:

  1. General watershed and stream related functions, including watershed delineation, watershed land cover tabulation, downstream flow path modeling, stream flow length, slope, and other characteristics
  2. A spatially explicit overland flow landscape model for water quality analysis, including Expected Mean Concentration modeling, overland flow modeling and potentially affected streams
  3. A statewide streamflow estimation model
  4. Provides linkages to the Hydrological Simulation Program Fortran (HSPF)

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Figure 1. Example of overland flow analysis conducted using WCMS.
This shows potential runoff from surface mine sites, shown in red.

WCMS 7Q10 Data


Statewide Region Shapefile


Coal River 8-digit

05050002 Shapefile 17Aug2010

05050002 Flowtable 17Aug2010

Reports / Publications:

Technical Manual, Version 9 (PDF)


Forested LULC Bitmap